Opportunities for fair priced high quality frames are hard to come by, and a handful of companies control most of the eyewear industry who tend to opt between relevant unique designs or premium craftsmanship. We aim to fuse both well-considered striking designs with artisanal master craftsmanship that will last.  

Master Craftsmen

 When it comes to hand made optical frames, there are not a few capable of supreme quality while being regarded as national living treasure in Japan. The small town of Sabae may be modest however is home to the best crafstmen in the world who have been producing 95% of all made in japan eyewer for the past century. It requires a few decades of hand made experience to achieve such esteemed honour of master craftsman. The term Monodzukuri, literally means 'production' or 'making of things' in Japanese and is the Japanese term for 'manufacturing'. The broader meaning encompasses a synthesis of technological prowess, know-how and spirit of Japan's manufacturing practices. This is a unique philosophy rather than a technique or method and is evident in the Japanese way of life. The belief of constant enhancement and mastering a certain craft is an obsession and is no exception in our artisanal production of world class eyewear.

What is • • ?

• • dot dot has several different meanings. Our intention to create a symbol rather than a name, which has multiple different meanings and interpretations. • • to us is a minimalistic rendition of a pair of glasses and two eyes themselves. Drawing direct inspiration from the Japanese flag which is a singular • The dots draw parallels to Japanese simplicity and nihilistic culture. The minimalistic approach to focus on space.

Each of our designs represent a story of each individual that they can relate to on deeper level. Represented as a constellation with a unique story and shape that best suits the frame.