Originally created for the water, the polarisation of lenses was once a utilitarian attribute for only serious athletes and professionals who required maximum visibility in difficult situations.

When light is reflected off a flat surface (E.g water, stone or metal) it does not scatter as usual, but instead travels in one direction. This is what causes glare, reducing your ability to see your surroundings, causing headaches and eye strain.

Polarised lenses prevent this from happening, ensuring maximum detail in brightly lit or high glare environments. • • lenses are also certified UV400 39-R, ensuring optimal protection from harsh UV rays.


The titanium that • • is of the highest quality in the world. 

Not only is titanium super strong, but also incredibly light, ensuring maximum comfort for you throughout the day. Titanium is also a choice selection for people who experience allergies, as the metal does not rust or react. 

Titanium is the choice of all high quality eye wear brands, and reflects our commitment to ensuring you love your sunglasses for as long as possible.